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Volume: 1 » Issue: 1

Research Article : JCNRC-101

Benefits of and Issues Regarding Sick Child Care for Children and Their Parents

Risako Sakai, Hisako Wada, Mayu Yoshitsugu, Ikuko Sobue*

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Commentary : JCNRC-102

We Have To Create A New and Successful Way to Retain Nurses in The Future: How Can we Further Improve Nurses’ Commitment to Their Profession?

Miho Satoh

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Commentary : JCNRC-103

The Impact of Traditional Filial Piety Between Older People and Their Children in Taiwan

Hui-Chi Li, Yu-Hua Lin*, I Lee

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Research Article : JCNRC-104

Effect of Service Quality on Costumer Loyalty: Multiple Comparisons between Internal and External Costumers

Sang-Sook Han, Jeong-Won Han*, Soon-Yong Yu

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Research Article : JCNRC-105

Spiritual Well-being of Aging Japanese Survivors of Hansen’s Disease: How Do Individuals Live Energetically Despite Having Experienced Extreme Situations?

Hitomi Yamao, Masato Muguruma, Kayoko Furochi, Jyunko Mikami,Yumiko Tsuge, Makiko Kondo*

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Volume: 2 » Issue: 1

Commentary : JCNRC-106

Spiritual Meaning of Placenta Disposal

Nagahori Chikako*, Vodounon A. Joseph

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Research Article : JCNRC-107

Experiences of Nurses in the Process of Determining a Nursing Diagnosis and Needs for Applying a Nursing Diagnosis: Fostering Understanding to Support the Use of Nursing Diagnoses in Clinical Practice

Yasuko Kume, Harumi Yamaguchi

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Commentary : JCNRC-108

Practice of Horticultural Activities Program for Elderly People with Dementia

Junko Masuya

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Commentary : JCNRC-109

Development of Japanese Nurses’ Global Perspectives

Machiko Higuchi

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Research Article : JCNRC-110

The Benefits and Issues Regarding Sick Child Care Services in Double-income Nuclear Families with Children

Chizuko Edagawa*, Ikuko Sobue

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Volume: 2 » Issue: 2

Research Article : JCNRC-111

The Development of a Happy-Life Hypnosis CD for Taiwanese Seniors

Huei-lin Hsieh

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Commentary : JCNRC-112

Direction Suggestion of Community Mental Health Nursing by Amendment of Mental Health Law

Young Sun Kim

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Research Article : JCNRC-113

Coping with their Children’s Illnesses by Mothers Belonging to Double-income Nuclear Families and their Use of Pediatric Emergency Services

Chizuko Edagawa, Ikuko Sobue*

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Research Article : JCNRC-114

Comparison of Primiparas Using Non-painless and Painless Resulting in Physical Symptoms and Apgar Score

Hsiao Lu Lee*, Lee Ching-lan

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Research Article : JCNRC-115

Comparative Study of High Frequency Chest Wall Oscillation and Traditional Chest Physical Therapy in Intensive Care Unit Patients

Yu-Ping Lin*, Heng-Hsin Tung, Tsae-Jyy Wang

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Commentary : JCNRC-116

The Future State of Nursing Education in Japan with Respect to the Nursing Process and Nursing Records: Understanding the Current Needs and Suggestions for the Future

Yasuko Kume*, Rie Tomizawa, Harumi Yamaguchi

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Review Article : JCNRC-117

Suicide: A look Through

Abin Varghese*, Sam Jose, Gigini George

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Research Article : JCNRC-118

Experiences of Living with Dyspnea Among Taiwanese People with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: A Qualitative Study

Wei-Chun Lin, Tsuey-Yuan Huang, Shiow-Li Hwang*

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