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About Us

Gexin Publications is a scholarly, open access Publisher that publishes high quality articles in all research areas and delivers it to the widest possible audience.

Our Journals serve as a platform for scholars, researchers, readers etc, to acquire knowledge from the quality articles we publish and to disseminate these articles freely for referencing and teaching purpose without financial curtailment.

Gexin Publications Publishes high quality articles in the field of science technology and management. Gexinonline is aims to facilitate an easy and hassle free transference of Research findings and knowledge amongst the scientific community. We provide academicians, scientists, researchers and innovators a platform to associate and share their research findings for mutual benefit, hence contributing to the larger interests of the society.

Our vision is to create the widest grounds for Open access Journals with international, technology-driven, online publication organization, providing distinctively unique range of manuscripts publication services.