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Volume: 1 » Issue: 1

Research Article : JCNRC-101

Benefits of and Issues Regarding Sick Child Care for Children and Their Parents

Risako Sakai, Hisako Wada, Mayu Yoshitsugu, Ikuko Sobue*

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Commentary : JCNRC-102

We Have To Create A New and Successful Way to Retain Nurses in The Future: How Can we Further Improve Nurses’ Commitment to Their Profession?

Miho Satoh

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Commentary : JCNRC-103

The Impact of Traditional Filial Piety Between Older People and Their Children in Taiwan

Hui-Chi Li, Yu-Hua Lin*, I Lee

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Research Article : JCNRC-104

Effect of Service Quality on Costumer Loyalty: Multiple Comparisons between Internal and External Costumers

Sang-Sook Han, Jeong-Won Han*, Soon-Yong Yu

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Research Article : JCNRC-105

Spiritual Well-being of Aging Japanese Survivors of Hansen’s Disease: How Do Individuals Live Energetically Despite Having Experienced Extreme Situations?

Hitomi Yamao, Masato Muguruma, Kayoko Furochi, Jyunko Mikami,Yumiko Tsuge, Makiko Kondo*

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Volume: 2 » Issue: 1

Commentary : JCNRC-106

Spiritual Meaning of Placenta Disposal

Nagahori Chikako*, Vodounon A. Joseph

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Research Article : JCNRC-107

Experiences of Nurses in the Process of Determining a Nursing Diagnosis and Needs for Applying a Nursing Diagnosis: Fostering Understanding to Support the Use of Nursing Diagnoses in Clinical Practice

Yasuko Kume, Harumi Yamaguchi

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Commentary : JCNRC-108

Practice of Horticultural Activities Program for Elderly People with Dementia

Junko Masuya

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Commentary : JCNRC-109

Development of Japanese Nurses’ Global Perspectives

Machiko Higuchi

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Research Article : JCNRC-110

The Benefits and Issues Regarding Sick Child Care Services in Double-income Nuclear Families with Children

Chizuko Edagawa*, Ikuko Sobue

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Volume: 2 » Issue: 2

Research Article : JCNRC-111

The Development of a Happy-Life Hypnosis CD for Taiwanese Seniors

Huei-lin Hsieh

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Commentary : JCNRC-112

Direction Suggestion of Community Mental Health Nursing by Amendment of Mental Health Law

Young Sun Kim

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Research Article : JCNRC-113

Coping with their Children’s Illnesses by Mothers Belonging to Double-income Nuclear Families and their Use of Pediatric Emergency Services

Chizuko Edagawa, Ikuko Sobue*

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Research Article : JCNRC-114

Comparison of Primiparas Using Non-painless and Painless Resulting in Physical Symptoms and Apgar Score

Hsiao Lu Lee*, Lee Ching-lan

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Research Article : JCNRC-115

Comparative Study of High Frequency Chest Wall Oscillation and Traditional Chest Physical Therapy in Intensive Care Unit Patients

Yu-Ping Lin*, Heng-Hsin Tung, Tsae-Jyy Wang

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Commentary : JCNRC-116

The Future State of Nursing Education in Japan with Respect to the Nursing Process and Nursing Records: Understanding the Current Needs and Suggestions for the Future

Yasuko Kume*, Rie Tomizawa, Harumi Yamaguchi

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Review Article : JCNRC-117

Suicide: A look Through

Abin Varghese*, Sam Jose, Gigini George

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Research Article : JCNRC-118

Experiences of Living with Dyspnea Among Taiwanese People with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: A Qualitative Study

Wei-Chun Lin, Tsuey-Yuan Huang, Shiow-Li Hwang*

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Research Article : JCNRC-119

Tai Chi Training and Educational Intervention Improved Self-care Behaviors and Lowered Blood Pressure in Hypertensive Outpatients

Hui-Min Lo*, Wen-Xiang Chen, Shu-Chuan Chang

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Commentary : JCNRC-120

The necessity of analysis of cancer survivor concept in Korea

Jiyoung Kim

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Volume: 3 » Issue: 1

Research Article : JCNRC-121

A Time of Challenge and Growth: A Qualitative Study of Newly Qualified Nurses’ Experience

Kai-Yu Tseng, Hsing-Chi Hsu*

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Research Article : JCNRC-122

Self-Control Trial: A Qualitative Grounded Theory Study on the Decision-Making Process in Patients with Ulcerative Colitis Who Choose to Use Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Maya Nunotani

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Research Article : JCNRC-123

An Analysis of the Development Trend of Nursing Safety Management Research in China

Qiaoyuan Yan*, Yanli Shi, Na Zeng, Yu Chen, Binghan Wang, Qin Zhu

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Research Article : JCNRC-124

Childhood Obesity: How Engaging Parents of Children with Elevated Body Mass Index in Positive Dietary and Lifestyle Education in Pediatric Primary Care Improved Parental Role Modeling Practices within the Home

Gwendolyn Miller, Aimee C. Vael*, Kimberly A. Hires, Lee H. Eades

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