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Volume: 1 » Issue: 1

Research Article : JPHIP-101

Performance Study of Mobile Fire Extinguishing Equipment Using High Pressure Water Mist in Health Care Facilities

San-Ping Ho*, Yu-Jen Chen, Chi-Min Shu, Hsin-Hsiu Ho, Fuh-Yuan Shih

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Research Article : JPHIP-102

Gaining Legitimacy, Knowledge Creation and Hospital Survival

Chen-Wei Yang, Shih-Chieh Fang, Yu-Hua Yan*, Ching-Ying Huang

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Research Article : JPHIP-103

Portals and Pokémon: Geolocation Augmented-Reality Games for Physical Activity, Social Health and Community Awareness

Nicole Aydt Klein*, Megan L. Kaiser

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Research Article : JPHIP-104

Psychosocial Determinants of Physical Activity in Undergraduate College Students

Alex B. Shafer*, Amy D. Rickman, Fredric L. Goss, Elizabeth F. Nagle

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Research Article : JPHIP-105

Factors Influencing Anorexia in Elderly Patients in South Korea

Chaebong Kim, Mooyoung Kim, Seokjun Yoon, Sung wan Hwang*

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Volume: 2 » Issue: 1

Research Article : JPHIP-106

How safe is social casino gambling for elderly women?

Young Lee

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Mini Review : JPHIP-107

Improving Healthcare Disparities of African American Males through Healthcare Leadership

Javis M. Knott*, Angelina Knott

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Research Article : JPHIP-108

Hospital-affiliated Medical Fitness Center Usage: Findings from a 12-week Weight Management Program

Matthew Nichols*, Sonia Alemagno, Peggy C. Stephens, Chelsey Jackson

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Review Article : JPHIP-109

Parent Training Programs: An Overview

Sarah A. Perrault, Ambrin F. Masood*

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Research Article : JPHIP-110

The Relationship Between Sense of Coherence and Rumination

Christine Williams*, Matin Katirai

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Volume: 2 » Issue: 2

Mini Review : JPHIP-111

Searching for New Antibiotics Right Under our Feet

Brian J. Dingmann

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Research Article : JPHIP-112

Utilization of Mental Healthcare Services among Refugees: Past, Present and Future

Huaibo Xin

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Review Article : JPHIP113

The Effects of Body weight on Sleep Quantity and Quality in College Students

Jason D. Wagganer*, Kylie A. Williamson, Lucas K. Shrum, Jeremy T. Barnes

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Research Article : JPHIP-114

Validation of a One-Minute Abdominal Crunch Test with the Canadian Curl-Up Test

Meghan K. Moran, Jason D. Wagganer, Eric J. Jones, Randy J. Bergman, Thomas J. Pujol*, Mark E. Langenfeld, Jeremy T. Barnes, Sievers, M. Seth, Amy E. Sutherlin

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